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Did you know that Proctor and Gamble, the company that makes Dawn, tests all of its prodcuts on helpless animals even thought many other methods are available? For being an animal enthusiast you should have down more research.

Being in the creative field I'm more aware that they're the consumer giants of the world with products like Aussie, Bounty, Olay, Braun, Crest, Tampax, Eukanuba, Febreze, Gilette, Pringles, Pampers, Pantene and I can go on and on. There are other animal testing companies I can list that will make your head spin - Scott Paper, SC Johnson, Tide, Vaseline, Max Factor, and I'm sure most OTC medicines. Who says I don't do the research? This post was about one little page that all people can read and help to start to make a difference. I think that's an easier place to start than assuming all animal lovers will immediately ban just about every item they're accustomed to using. Awareness is key, and thanks for helping with that.

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